The importance of the ATA carnet for exports and imports

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The Customs and Tax Authority (ATA) offers legal consultancy services for exports and imports, among other things. Whatever doubts you may have, the ATA offers solutions to problems that may be encountered during the transit of goods. Find out more about the ATA and ATA Carnet in the paragraphs below.

How does the ATA works in Brazil?

The Tax and Customs Authority can be defined as a federal agency that is responsible for receiving and processing affidavits of real estate, chattels and rights that have expired.

ATA services began to be offered in 1997, when the Brazilian government decided to create law number 9429, allowing the existence of a tax and customs authority.

The Customs Tax Authority will provide a range of services including: regulation, anti-money laundering, customs and trade facilitation.

One of the most important institutions in Brazil is undoubtedly the Customs Authority. 

The agency plays an important role for the country by regulating trade and combating smuggling. It is responsible for investigating crimes, patrolling borders, controlling exchange rates, subjecting imports and exports to quality tests and providing companies with information on what they must do to operate in Brazil.

Knowing this, what can we say about the ATA Carnet?

The ATA Carnet is nothing more than a "passport" that allows the circulation of goods, free of taxes, in the modality of Temporary Admission and Export in more than 75 countries.

To emit the Ata Carnet document it is necessary to access the system  follow the following process:

Step 1 - Register the representative(s). 

Step 2 - Fill in the application form. 

Step 3 - Specify the countries to be visited. 

Step 4 - Inform the goods (the description must be in Portuguese and English). 

Step 5 - Confirm information and wait for approval from the CIN linked to the Federation. 

Step 6 - Ata Carnet approved, contract the guarantee insurance. 

Step 7 - Enter the insurance policy number into the system. 

Step 8 - Collect your ATA Carnet from the Federation upon payment of the fee, submission of the instrument of commitment, counter guarantee contract (if applicable), both notarised, and a copy of the insurance policy.

This emission has a certain cost that is calculated based on the value of the item, the number of countries to be visited, insurance, etc. 

The advantage of using ATA Carnet is that you do not need to return to your home country to apply for a new permit every time you move or change countries. While the document is valid (12 months), you can move around in possession of work materials, for educational, scientific, cultural and sporting purposes without having to pay charges and taxes. 

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